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Youth Ministry Registration

(Quincenera Prep)

Registration for Confirmation is now closed:

However, because baptism, first communion and confirmation are sacraments of initiation into the Church, participation in Youth Ministry as well as the larger parish community is always a pre-requisite.

Registration for Youth Ministry is ongoing and consists primarily of LIFE TEEN Mass (Sunday Nights 5:30 PM), LIFE Nights immediately following Mass held two Sundays every month, and other larger parish activities and events.  (Role at Mass is taken)

(click here for 2012-2013 LIFE NIGHT schedule)

Young ladies interested in celebrating their 15era, must also register for Youth Ministry.

To register you will need:

  1. Late registration/15era pack (packet includes registration form, pick-up procedure and a letter from youth ministry: PLEASE READ THIS)

  2. You will also need:

  3. Current Photo

  4. A Copy of your Baptismal Certificate

  5. Registration Fee $75

  6. behavior contract (please download and print)

  7. Permission and release form (please download and print)